Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Introducing Inspiring Art Walks

Hello Everyone!

I am Sarah Morley, an artist, primarily a painter, currently living and working in Stockport. I am a daily painter and oil painting tutor. In my spare time I am on a crusade to get fitter and trimmer - perhaps this sounds familiar?

Welcome to what I am hoping will be an interesting and truly inspiring blog. The idea  for this came out of the first walk that is described, a circular walk around Kinderscout, Derbyshire. I had such a good time that I came back with so many images from the walk that I wanted to paint. I like to paint in a series if I can. I find that one painting feeds off another, usually the later paintings are better than the earlier ones and this is a great way to develop artistically. Also I can have several  paintings on the go at once and finish them while I an 'in the zone' of that particular project.

Then, while I was doing my paintings I had an idea - why not  write a description of our walk and make this into a blog, using my paintings as illustrations. The new idea for a blog  was truly inspirational to me, a great for keeping fit and a good way of sharing with you.  A whole new concept was born!

The blog will feature  a variety of walks,  which inspire me to paint, rural and urban, long and short, well known and obscure, in the UK and occasionally abroad. I hope you will try some of the walks yourself and also that you might like to  suggest new inspiring art walks for me.

If you would like to see more of my art then there are links to my other art sites  in my profile on the right hand side of the screen. You are also welcome to visit  me at my studio which is located in an old cotton mill, at Vernon Mill, Stockport, but please ring first to make sure that I am there to welcome you ( 07946432818). All paintings are for sale, unless otherwise indicated.

Yours, in Art and Fitness,


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